Can you trust your Stationery supplier; are you receiving a “huge” discount on  already inflated prices?


Has your supplier charged you multiple prices for the same product, do you find it hard to keep up with prices that are up and down on a weekly or monthly basis, or have you discovered that you have been invoiced for a pack rather than a single unit. We are simply stunned and truly amazed at how expensive many large companies are, they lead with headline contract prices and then overload other prices to recoup the profit.

Have you been rewarded by your supplier for your loyalty with higher prices?

Purrfect Office has over 21 years’ experience in the office supplies industry and knows these practices actually happen. Our totally free Purrfect audit can highlight this and save you money. If you wish to ensure this isn't happening to you then just supply Purrfect Office with copies of your most recent invoices and we will do a free Purrfect audit for you and let you know what you would have paid from us, unlike many other suppliers our low prices are not simply out to impress you on our initial presentation but to ensure you benefit going forward.

We have saved customers as much as 80% with our no obligation free Office Supplies audit service.
Switching your business to Purrfect Office could not be easier.

At Purrfect Office we really value your business so we will guarantee that the products you need to run your office are supplied at really low prices, we will constantly monitor the competition to ensure our prices remain competitive not just for now but for the future to, what’s more we will monitor your purchases on going and adjust your personal shopping list accordingly.

In addition you can benefit from our unique “Friends & Family” policy and include items not readily available from your normal office supplies company, products that are supplied to you at cost price* saving you both time and the hassle reclaiming your costs through petty cash, And to make things even easier for you to order we will even give you a free iPad 4 after 3 months* trading with us to download our Purrfect app. For more information why not request your free Purrfect Office service pack contact us with the form or email us at and start saving today.